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NAIDM 23 Sponsorship Recognition

District 6 Hoosier Hospitality

    Zonta Clubs of District 6


Friday Afternoon Climate Action Sponsors – Area 4 Zontians

     Kay Geisler

     Suzanne Leeke

     Joanne Solomon


Friday Hospitality and Dinner Sponsors - Area 3 Zontians and Friends

Binsbacher, Dawson & Henke, LLC

Boyce, Hund & Associates LLC

Mascoutah Steak House, Inc.

Donna Mae's Hair & More

Linda Bailey

Mary Jane Baker

Carol Borecky 

Jean Heil

Paula Profitt

Dale and Donna Mae Schlueter

Carolyn Stumpf

Steve, Zonta Friend


Trivia Fun Sponsors – D6 Past Governors

Sally Bean

Jackie Beaudry

Yvonne Chalfant

Donna Conant

Peg Dowling

Diana Gliwa

Tammy Hagen

Linda Hiltabrand

Elaine Rynders

Anna Weselak

Stem Luncheon Sponsor

 Carol J. Braford


Saturday Banquet Décor and Hospitality - Area 5 Clubs

Mary Baudino and Carmi Castagna


Saturday Banquet Keynote Speaker Sponsor

Judy Kautz

Barby Crabtree


Saturday Breakfast Sponsors

Cheryl Trudeau and 2022-24 Governors


Educational Track Sponsors

    Carol J. Braford

NAIDM Core Committee

in memory of Jacquie Gudmundsen

Isabel Vidal and 2022-24 Lt. Governors

Area 3 Zonta Friend


Workshop Sponsors

Area 5 Spring Workshop

Sally Bean

Jackie Beaudry

Tami Galbreath

Tammy Hagen

Melinda Hepfner

Pam Knackert

Jackie McCarroll

Pence Media Group

Isabel Vidal and 2022-24 Governors

Zonta Club of Cincinnati

Zonta Friend Group/Area 5


Friends of Zonta Sponsors

Tom Awadalla, Stifel

Erik Chalfant

Area 5 Friends

Chris Goepfert

Nancy Harshbarger

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Kay O’Brien

Denise Parrish

Friends of Larry Walsh


Audio-Visual Gift in Kind

Markey’s, in memory of Joy Brindusi


Gifts in Kind

Swag bags

Donated by Beth Colvin, Zonta Club of Joliet, Printing Promotions Plus

NAIDM Photo Booth, Zonta Pens and Zonta USB drives

Donated by Friends of Zonta

NAIDM Note Pads

Donated by Zonta Club of Kankakee

Special NAIDM Pen

Donated by Judy Kautz

Marvelous Miscellaneous Merch

Donated by Area 4 Zonta Clubs and individual Zontians and Brandy Harrington, NAIDM Treasurer

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