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Friday Morning Climate Change Discussion:  Zonta and Climate Action: Addressing the effects of climate change on Women

An educational opportunity to better understand how climate change is amplifying gender inequalities and violence against women, and to present the Zonta Says NOW initiative for members to take action. We will highlight the effect of climate change in Canada, USA, and Caribbean, the effects on women in our communities, and opportunities for women to protect, prepare, and advocate. 

Meet the Panel

Jane Austin

Zonta Club of Minneapolis

Jane Austin.jpg

Jane currently serves as Lieutenant Governor for District 7. She is a a member of the Zonta USA Caucus Think Tank and Climate Action Committee and the Zonta Says NOW Intercontinental Workgroup and involved with the climate presentations at CSW66 and the International Convention in Hamburg. In the previous biennium, Jane served as District 7 Advocacy Chair and district representative to the USA Caucus. She is a semi-retired wildlife biologist residing in northwestern Wisconsin.

Angela Brokmann 

Zonta Club of Louisville

Angela joined The Zonta Club of Louisville, KY in 2000.  She has served as Club President, Area Director, and Lieutenant Governor. Angela's background is in Adult Education and has presented for NAIDM (North America Inter District Meetings) as well as Zonta's Hamburg Convention. Retired from the Army (LTC/O5) as well as the Veterans Administration, Angela has continued her support of educational efforts with her current effort being the rollout of Gender Equal Climate Action. Angela is currently the chair of the Think Tank and Climate Committee for the Zonta USA Caucus and a member of the Zonta Says NOW Intercontinental Workgroup. Locally she is a Volunteer with Metro Government's Office for Women, where she continues the focus of CEDAW at the local level.

Bobbee Cardillo 

Convener of the Zonta USA Caucus 2022-24

Bobbee is a member of both the Zonta USA Think Tank and Climate Action committee and the Zonta Says NOW Intercontinental Working Group. Having served on the ZI Advocacy Committee for 8 years, she participated in the founding of both the Zonta USA and Canada Caucuses. Last biennium, she also served as D3 Area 4 Director. A proud member of the Zonta Club of Fairfax County since 1998, Bobbee organized the first Zonta USA Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill during the 2017 NAIDM.

Bobbee Cardillo.jpg

Julie Trone 

Zonta Club of Fort Collins

Julie Trone.jpg

Julie is the current Club President of the Zonta Club of Fort Collins in Colorado, District 12. She is Chair of the District 12 Action for Environment and Gender Equality committee. This committee has generated a list of comprehensive resources that includes a variety of climate change topics, climate action by fellow Zontians, and district climate issues on the District 12 website.  Julie serves as a member of the Zonta USA Caucus Think Tank and Climate Action Committee as well as the Zonta Says NOW Intercontinental Workgroup. Outside of Zonta she is on the board of Miracles in Action organization which provides education, nutrition programs, and empowers indigenous Guatemalan women and girls. 

Friday Afternoon Climate Action Discussion

In a May 12, 2022 article in the Indianapolis Star, Karl Schneider wrote, "Indianapolis in one of six "front-runner cities" from around the world being profiled for their plans on mitigating and adapting to climate change."


The World Health Organization worked with the city's Office of Sustainability and the county health department to put together a document detailing the hazards and risks Indy residents face, as well as what actions the city has taken to adapt to the changing climate.  The report also lists specific additional actions the city can take to further its resiliency to the effects of climate change.


In addition to Indianapolis, the project also created profiles for Accra, Ghana; Glasgow, Scotland; Kisumu, Kenya; Quito, Ecuador; and Washington, D.C.


 “One thing in common with all cities, including Indianapolis, is they are front-runner cities in taking action addressing climate change,” said Tara Neville, a technical officer with WHO. “They recognize threats and develop adaptation and mitigation measures, like those laid out in Thrive Indianapolis.”


Neville, who led the project, said the organization works with governments trying to bring together public health and climate-change adaptation agendas. The goal is to develop and implement climate-action plans focused on the wellbeing of residents.


NAIDM23 has worked with Morgan Mickelson of the Indianapolis Office of Sustainability to put together a panel of climate change leaders to share with us the work they are doing to develop and implement climate-action plans for the city. 

These presentations and the table top activities planned for Friday NAIDM participants will provide opportunities to identify “take-a-way/take home” suggestions for Zontians to consider for their communities. Panelists will be available for table discussions with us.


Morgan Mickelson


A dedicated public servant, Morgan started her career the environmental non-profit field and now contributes to the common good through her work in local government. She is an advocate for climate justice and works to increase awareness on the interconnectedness of climate change, as it intersects with other important issues of today.  

Currently Morgan serves as the Director of the Office of Sustainability with the City of Indianapolis. In this role, she oversees the implementation of the City’s first sustainability and resilience action plan, Thrive Indianapolis. 

Prior to taking on this role, she worked closely with the Office of Sustainability as the Climate Advisor through the American Cities Climate Challenge to guide the direction of the first environmental-focused policy to come out of the Office of Sustainability. 

Morgan holds a Master of Science in Climate Justice from Glasgow Caledonian University and currently serves on the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Board of Directors. 

Meet the Panel

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