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Lyn's story is not just about being a successful race car driver.  It's a story about goal setting, determination, passion and fully utilizing all her defeats and successes to break into a world no one could have imagined possible!


Terri Talbert-Hatch Saturday Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Terri Talbert-Hatch is the retired dean of students for the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, IUPUI.  She is currently serving PSET/IUPUI as associate faculty and consultant for student life.  Terri is currently serving as an Administration Consultant for Dallara USA, the sole supplier of open-wheel cars for Indycar American Championship.  

An avid racing enthusiast, Terry has attended 54 Indianapolis 500 races.

Lunsey Liguori.jpg

Lynsey Liguori
Saturday Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Lynsey is a California girl where she grew up in a racing family.  Her father and brothers competed in the sport.  At age 4, Lynsey started racing motorcycles, then moved to BMX at age 6. She was a multi-time national champion and a world champion before moving onto go-karts at the age of 9. Go-karts provided her an opportunity to learn the mechanical side of motorsports and sparked her interest in engineering. 


At 13 years old, she attended her first Lyn St. James driver development program in Indianapolis where she met Terri Talbert Hatch.  Over dinner conversation Terri began the recruiting process for IUPUIA.  Lynsey continued her education and racing in California.  At age 17 she moved to full size midgets and was named rookie of the year.  She tested with Ford Racing Development as part of their development program.  Following high school graduation, she moved to Indianapolis and enrolled in IUPUIA.  During her time at IUPUIA she was involved in SWE and the motorsports club.  Following graduation she and her husband helped lead an all-girls racing team for 4 years. 


Lynsey completed her degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology with a certificate in motorsports. She has worked at 3 companies since graduation, and is currently at Wabash in Lafayette, IN where she serves as a Sr. Quality Manager responsible for 5 plants. She mentors younger females in engineering or in management positions. 

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